[ S ] Leitmotifs: Enter

Or: about [ S ] Caliborn: Enter

(and in case you need a refresher on themes and leitmotifs, the video on the right has an introduction)
Just noticed at some point that if you listen to the music in [ S ] Caliborn: Enter
It's a combo between Caliborn / LE / Elmo's usual carnival music .... and the quest bed god tier music last seen with John.

And in terms of leitmotifs, a leitmotif is a piece of music that stands in for something or someone, and if you combine leitmotifs you can... suggest you're combining the things they stand for.
So in this case it's Caliborn + God Tier.
Except caliborn doesn't god tier in this flash, right? He just predominates and enters?
But then thinking of this, I started noticing some interesting things about what's happening: That predominating includes

So if this is Caliborn's version of God Tiering in terms of being important to him, o shit!!
One, that means that this flash is showing him getting a whooooole lot more powerful
Which sucks for us and everyone
And Two... if we look at God Tiering and how it usually works.... it works by merging and integrating, but he didn't merge and integrate two halves in his rising up!  He just offed one so to speak... and he didn't get stabbed. Someone else did.
So this maybe suggests his rise, his God Tier, will be incomplete, off and broken, missing something.  He's maybe kinda screwed himself?  Kanaya's quote about "treating your dream selves so cavalierly" pops to mind.
.... So he doesn't get stabbed, but * calliope * does.
So all the hints are, yes he's definitely about to become terrifyingly more powerful ("o fuck" for us), but it's an incomplete thing, a broken and crippled ascension, and maybe not too easily fixable?  and who can reap the other benefits of this "God Tiering"?  the physical emotional and spiritual benefits? not him, Calliope.
( now i need to cry and curl up in a corner )
( ok that's all )